Songs for the 2nd World:  recorded from 2007 to 2009

I really had a hard time narrowing down this project to these 14 songs from the 30-something I had been kicking around the past ten years or so.

SINGANEW SONG (That was my friend Brent Morgan's idea to make "singanew" all one word):  I wrote this back in the mid-'90s & shared it with my Tuesday night Bible study group in Nashville, shortly before moving to Mentone, AL.

TULLY'S SONG:  Of course having a kid changes life dramatically.  I started writing this while living in Valley Head, about 2000, when our son was just 2.  About the only radio stations you can get out there are country music - so I think one of Brad Paisley's songs influenced this one a bit. 

HOPE FOR THE DAY:  This was written in San Antonio while I was a church youth director.  3 of the "fringe" kids, as adults sometimes called them, began coming & bringing their instruments to play in the youth room.  "Ascension" is what they called themselves for a while - after spotting the word in a Methodist hymnal.  On my cassette recorder, I captured them doing this song with me almost immediately after I wrote it (early '97 I think).  Glad I did, since their bassist Dylan Payne is no longer with us.  The other guys, Chip Mullins & Blas Moreno, are still doing their music in their own bands.  I wrote this song for the dual purpose of 1. getting them into church and 2. giving them a musically challenging original we could work on together.

QUIET AND STILL:  I think I just wanted to experiment with a bunch of different chords moving around a single note for the chorus melody.  Those precious few occasions when the Lord whispers to & sings in your heart are so unspeakably beautiful!  My best music (and everything on the radio, iTunes, etc.)  is absolute trash by comparison.


STARTING OVER WITH YOU:  I wrote this for my wife while we were dating and sang it for her the afternoon I proposed to her in the woods of Mentone, AL.  The original seed of the idea was from a Star Trec episode where they are stuck in a time loop on the ship.  I saw my love for Sharon as something peculiar and unprecedented for me when I realized I'd choose her over and over again ... if I got stuck in such a loop.


SAFE IN YOUR ARMS:  Most of these lyrics were written by Cynthia Darby in San Antonio - back in the 90s.  I've lost touch with her, so if anyone reading this knows her, tell her to look me up.  I'd love to know what she thinks of this song she collaborated with me on, & probably has never heard.


I NEVER THOUGHT ... :  Another one inspired by becoming a father.  I actually heard some of this first verse in my head the morning after Tully was born.  Finished about 3 years later on an old out-of-tune piano that came with our Valley Head house.


WHERE THE HONEYSUCKLES GROW:  Another collaboration, though most of this entire song, music & lyrics, should be credited to my friend George Maybee.  My contributions were minor, but enough to consider myself a co-writer.  I liked the idea of putting a Marty Robbins style Tex-Mex feel to this one.  I really enjoyed doing the 2-part classical guitar duet.


MEET ME AT THE EDGE:  (to be continued...)

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