Jude:  5 songs recorded between October 10, 2010 and November 13, 2012

Original Artwork by Alexanderia K. Easterling "Sascha".  To see & learn about more of her work, visit www.artisticdiscovery.org

So much happened in my life during these 2 years ... my wife and I bought, renovated, and sold a house; my son became a teen-ager; a deadly wave of tornados tore through Alabama; we learned that my father had cancer, and he died 7 1/2 weeks later; and I received a calling to leave a church music job I'd held for nearly 14 years.  That's really why it took so long to record: not because I was slaving away in the studio all that time, but because of these distractions of which life-stuff is made.

Here is a song-by-song description of each track on the project:


I don't remember exactly when I began working on the Jude song - setting the book to music, studying and comparing different translations, stringing together rhythms, melodic phrases, chord progressions, etc. with different textual passages - but it was probably while "Songs for the 2nd World" was still in production in '08 or '09.  I remember thinking, "Well, it feels great getting those songs recorded professionally and out there on CD for the world to hear and all, but bottom line:  they're just little songs I made up: nothing of eternal consequence."  That's the line of thinking that lead me to set Jude to music. Though it's an ancient letter, I believe with all my heart that as God's written word, inspired, passed down and translated for our benefit, it has power to touch and transform hearts, minds, and lives like no other poetry, prose or literature can.  Jude was written to "those who have been sanctified in God the Father, and kept (called, sustained, preserved) in Jesus Christ"  I think that means me, and many of you reading this.  No matter that the letter is over 1900 years old.   Or that some of its references to Enoch, Michael, and angels may seem strange , unpopular and irrelevant to some.  It is God's word for those sanctified (set apart for a holy purpose) in Him and kept in Jesus.  Does that include you?  If so, I hope this musical setting helps you get it into your mind, heart, & soul!

Vocals:  Angela Jacka & Barry Kay (solos and duet), Jake Spence (spoken & whispered words),  Jennifer Lea Petritsch, Barry Kay & Greg Duke (Background vocals), The Good Shepherd Church Choir (coda, the final 57 seconds of the song, which is in 7/8 time - also on the reprise to this album, which I remixed accapella)

Drums:  Cameron Fish

Bass:  Justin Pearson

Trumpet:  Dan Havely

Alto Sax:  Jim Beck

Tenor Sax:  Greg Duke

Piano, synthesizer, acoustic guitar, shaker, tambourine, and rain stick:  Barry Kay


In 1990 I recorded (on Tascam 4-track cassette) a collection of about 30 or so songs & had them copyrighted as "The Barry K Collection"  About 25 of them survive - 2 of them, "Do You Love Me" and "Out of the Way", I rerecorded for my '95 project Eternity Beyond the Song.  "Now ... in Eternity" was one I had my girlfriend/fiancee at the time sing lead on.  Though she did a fine job, I wanted to redo it my own way.  A Roland TR707 drum machine & a D-50 synthesizer were replaced by real drums, bass, horn section, and piano.  We pitched it to many a Nashville record producer/agent/manager back then.  Guess it was just too awesome & progressive for them!  HAHA!!   Anyway, I'm glad you get to enjoy it now ... all 5 of you.

Vocal harmonies:  Angela Jacka, Jennifer Lea Petritsch, Greg Duke, Barry Kay

Drums:  Cameron Fish

Bass:  Justin Pearson

Trumpet & Piccolo Trumpet :  Barry Stoner

Alto Sax:  Jim Beck
Tenor Sax:  Greg Duke

Lead vocal, piano, electric guitar, synthesizer, congas, cowbell, shaker, classical guitar/Puerto Rican cuatro solo:  Barry Kay


This song grew from my pondering 3 different experiences in my life:  high school jealousy (though it was really over acceptance into McDonald's All-American Band ... but making it over 'a pretty girl' just seemed better - more universal), the swiftly fleeting nature of childhood, and the need for quiet & deliberate time alone with our Creator.

Bass:  Justin Pearson

Drums:  Cameron Fish

Lead vocal, piano, acoustic guitar, synthesizer:  Barry Kay


After the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti, I felt moved to write or say something to those victims. Many of the words & phrases just flowed out effortlessly, and I kinda went with it ... even into the second verse, when the song became about 9-11 and my memory of a visit to New York long before the terrorist attack.  In both cases, it's clear to me how we are really safest & best off when our lives are simple, our homes small, and our possessions few.   The backward voices in the avant-garde bridge section is me reading Matthew 6:26 in three different translations (one in Spanish): "Behold the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them.  Aren't you much more valuable than they are?"  Thanks to Roy Patton of Patton's Furniture in Athens, AL for offering to let me plug in my cassette recorder to capture the sound of the train coming through (even though I wound up plugging into the laundromat about a block away and recording the train around 12:45 a.m. one night.)

Vocals:  The Good Shepherd Church Choir, Jennifer Lea Petritsch, Brent Morgan, Tim Wilson

Classical guitar, drums, fretless bass, electric piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitars, synthesizers, and lead vocal:  Barry Kay

PSALM 100 (Make a Joyful Noise) 

I wrote this scripture setting about the turn of the millennium, rehearsed it with the choir, performed it in Sunday worship with them one day (I played drums - I remember dropping one of the sticks!)  Then time went by as it always does, and I revisited it a decade later with some of the same choir folk singing (although most had no memory of doing it)  I had to resist the urge of doing the cowbell Will Farrell style, especially near the end when everyone's just jammin' out!

Vocals:  Good Shepherd Church Choir, Angela Jacka, Jennifer Lea Petritsch, Greg Duke, Barry Kay

Drums:  Braly Thompson

Trumpet:  Dan Havely
Alto Sax:
 Jim Beck

Tenor Sax:  Greg Duke

Fretless bass, acoustic & electric guitars, electric piano, synthesizer, congas, shaker, guiro, cowbell, finger cymbals:  Barry Kay

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